Transition and Orientation Programs

Frequent change of situation, responsibilities and often location are more and more an aspect of modern life. Our Transition and Orientation programs provide the opportunity to acquire useful tools and techniques, and the time to reflect together with others in similar situations.

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People who find themselves at crossroads in their life or career


This workshop will help the participants to discover their strengths, analyse, clarify and achieve their personal and professional goals.


Prework: MBTI-Questionnaire on Personal Preferences

Day 1
Who am I?

• Autoportrait - A picture of me and my present situation
• Lifeboat Method - What is most important to me?
• Success Stories - Times in my life when I felt pleased with myself
• My Competences and Values

Day 2
What do I want?

• The Balance Wheel: Personal and Professional Life Balance
• Brainstorming of ideas

How do I get it?

• Goal-setting: How do I get from my present situation to my desired situation?
• Support Groups – Who can help me to achieve my goal?
• Action Plan: What can I do immediately – short, medium and long term?


Exercises, Feedback, Discussions, post workshop support


Jeremy Scanlan - business consultant, trainer and coach
Hertha Scanlan - NLP practitioner
Dr. Katrin Scanlan – psychologist

Date and Venue:
13-14 November 2010
735, Chemin de Villebruc, Valbonne

Cultural Adjustment for Employees and their Families

- Help minimize culture shock and periods of reduced efficiency

- Enable employees to perform at their best and succeed in new environments

- Save time and money lost due to expatriate turnover and failed projects

This workshop is designed for people relocating to France. It will facilitate their adaptation process and give them the tools to optimise their relocation experience.

Major concerns, apprehensions and challenges and chances of an expatriation will be addressed. We will explain culture shock and analyse ways in which culture influences our values, behaviour and reactions, look at cultural differences and find ways how to function successfully in a new environment.

Topics include:
• Relocation & Orientation Issues
• School Choice & bilingual education
• Awareness of cultural differences

Orientation and Country Briefings

- Gain a quick and accurate overview of countries you will be working with, either virtually or face to face

- Learn common cultural pitfalls and how to avoid them

- Get tips and strategies for cross-cultural success and daily living

Through our network of partners we can provide country briefings for future expatriation or business trips to a variety of cultures.

Topics include:
• Basic cultural overview
• Gift giving practices
• Social etiquette
• Expectations and Values
• Daily life practicalities

New Manager Workshop

Are you starting as a new manager in a team, and wanting to achieve mutual understanding and trust, so as to become an efficient and effective team as soon as possible?

- Share each others ways of working and values

- Describe and work through possible barriers and challenges

- Create an action plan for you & the team for the first 100 days

How to help a new manager transition into the team as quickly as possible.

This 1-day workshop accelerates the process of integrating a new manager with a new team. The workshop can also be used to accelerate the process of an existing team and existing manager working through tough issues that have arisen. This has proven very effective in a variety of situations.